1960 Corvette comes back to life after 45 years of ownership

 Corvette owners are among the most passionate and loyal group of people in the collector car community. Jill Struck is one of the most passionate corvette owners you will ever meet. Jill’s history with corvettes starts back in 1966 when she was still in high school. There was a 1960 Corvette in her neighborhood that she had been admiring for years. The owner of the car was serving in Vietnam, and it sat unattended waiting for his return. The serviceman did not think he would ever drive it again, so he gave his parent’s permission to sell the car. Although Jill had a job and had been saving for a car, the $1,100.00 asking price was more than she could afford. With $100.00 down and a bank loan for $1000.00 she was able to purchase the car of her dreams.Jill drove the car throughout high school, and in 1968 did some modifications, including custom paint, rims, and a new 327 engine with factory fuel injection. She showed the car at local Bay Area car shows, winning trophies at the Oakland Roadster Show and many others. Jill enjoyed taking the car on tours and shows with the local Corvette Club throughout the late sixties and early seventies. Jill stopped driving the car, spending more time with her other Corvette, a 1968 427 roadster she purchased in 1970, a car she still owns to this day. She parked the 1960 Corvette her garage in San Jose in 1975, and it has not been moved or started……. until recently.Now retired, Jill had the time and the funds to get her 1960 Corvette back on the road. The local GM muscle car restoration experts at GM Sports in San Jose were entrusted with bringing Jill’s Corvette back to life. A careful mechanical restoration was performed, with special attention paid to preserving the cosmetic aspect of the car. “We wanted to preserve the car’s history, leaving as much of the original 1968 restoration intact. At the same time, we needed to make this car reliable” says Steve Marini, owner of GM Sports. “The fuel injection system was challenging, but we got it running perfect!” Jill is thrilled with the results, and is enjoying the car once again. A lifetime love affair with Jill and her Corvette continues to this day, stronger than ever.